Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Five Things We Need To Cope With Covid-19

The Covid vaccines are here but it will be months before jabs are widely enough available to seriously affect the pandemic's spread. There remains plenty of time for innovators to step up and help us cope with its impact on our daily lives. Here are five needed now:

Compressed masks. You find a parking spot in the last row at the grocery store. Two-thirds of the way to the front door (of course it's raining) you realize you forgot to mask up. Rather the make the soggy slog back to your vehicle, you pop open a small capsule hanging by a chain from a zipper pull and out flies a rapidly decompressing single-use mask. 

Instant testing for consumers. Peel the adhesive QR code from its backing, place it on the inside of your forearm, wait five minutes and scan with the reader on your phone. Password-protected results are immediately available as is a rolling two-week database of past results. 

Takeaway food containers that actually keep their contents hot, or at least acceptably warm, for a specific amount of time. Any time requested beyond a minimum guaranteed by the restaurant costs on a sliding fee basis. 

Sound blocking for Zoom. Open this app while in a Zoom meeting and the only sound the others hear from your end will be your voice. 

No mask shaming app. This app connects the camera on your phone to a computer running a facial recognition program. When you snap a shot of some idiot without a mask it identifies the guilty party, and posts the photo to electronic billboards sited on major thoroughfares throughout the miscreant's home Zip Code. The photo stays visible for 10 seconds at a time and remains in rotation for 24 hours -- longer for repeat offenders. 

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