Friday, January 29, 2021

Five Things I'm Gonna Do This Year

 Get a new grill and use the heck out of it. My beloved natural gas grill still mostly works but is 21 years old not quite up to the food adventures I have planned. So I'm sort of set on a shiny Weber Summit E-470, which not only has the essential rotisserie but a nifty little side burner to keep my Hali'imalie General Store recipe grill sauce warm. Plenty of room for a couple of goat legs or a pile of ribs. 

Step up my tomato growing. Bigger containers for bigger plants and more fruit. Yep. 

Get back to Hawaii. We used to visit at least once a year but the pandemic forced us to cancel twice. Unacceptable. Once we're fully immunized we're checking in at the Napili Point Resort and running off to the Tin Roof, Sam Sato's and D.T. Fleming Beach. Indolence at its best. 

Hang Out at La Bodeguita del Medio. Assuming Dr. Fauci and President Joe finally kick Covid's butt I plan to return to my favorite seat at my favorite bar and torture the bartenders and servers with the compendium of bad jokes and boring anecdotes I've been crafting since indoor service was banned way back when. Oh, they will come to hate me, they truly will. 

Visit Portland more often. Given the boiling conflict fostered by mouth-breathing adherents of Antifa and the latest trending fascist boy's club I must help my baby brother fortify his apartment and lay in a supply of booze and tactical nuclear weapons. What fun.